Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

Catering for the free-from diets such as vegan and vegetarian, can be difficult at the best of times. However, during the festive season when supermarkets are filled with eager customers, heading to the free-from aisle is last on the regular dieter's list of 'things to do'.

Although we know it seems hard to cater for the vegan diet (trust us we used to think it too) it actually can be a lot easier than preparing meat. So, for the family of diverse dietary requirements, look no further, we have everything you need to enjoy a peaceful dinner and sparkling clean plates.

Tofu Turkey

Surprise your vegan guest with the ultimate meat-free alternative to the traditional Christmas turkey. So tasty, that even your regular dieters may opt for this delightful treat.

Made with a culinary collaboration of seasonal British vegetables, this dish is not only easy to make but affordable too.

The foundations of this particular recipe was given to us by one of our store team members, Rebecca, who has been vegan for over three years. This is her go-to recipe for a cruelty-free Christmas dinner.

One of the best options for vegan dishes is to consult the online world of experts and bloggers who come up with some amazingly creative ways to do vegan recipes.

We mixed Rebecca's recipe with some further inspiration from Down to Earth, a great resource for those with an interest in organic and natural foods.

Download the Recipe for Tofu Turkey.


Vegan Mixed Nut Roast

Although there are meat replacers on the market, there can be nothing better than being a little adventurous with cooking and using some of nature's best raw ingredients for a delicious treat.

A popular alternative to meat on Christmas Day us a nut roast, perfect for the host with its easy prepping instructions but also a great choice for the newly vegan guest, who may not be quite comfortable with the more exotic of vegan options that many become accustomed to as they get into the diet.

For this particular recipe, we looked at The Vegan Society, a great resource for those who are thinking of, or have recently become vegan.

Download the vegan Mixed Nut Roast recipe guide here.



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