The Fussy Eaters Guide to School Lunches

The summer holidays are a time when children are able to exercise their wild ways, with no early mornings, school rules or homework; children as free to do whatever they please.

Considering that school holidays last for about six decades in kiddy-years, you would think that starting school would be a welcomed break. However, September is a dreaded time of the year for the free-spirited and rebellious, with the return to routine being just a little too much for some to handle.

For tired and overwhelmed parents however, September, can be one of the best months of the entire year. With energy levels as low as bank funds after entertaining children for six loooooong weeks, the return to school is the equivalent of a month-long spa break.

However, for the parents of fussy eaters, the start of a new term just happens to coincide with the start of a new battle: school lunches. Whether it is the delivery of the untouched lunch box at hometime or the casual hints that their friend's mum makes better lunch boxes than you, a simple task can soon become a battle of wills.

So, we're here to help you with a helpful guide that can make mornings a lot easier.

Fun Lunchboxes

Unlike adults, children are not going to forfeit taste for healthy, nutritional goodness; however, one thing that they do have in common is that if something looks good, they're more likely to eat it.

Although this tip may mean that you have to get a little more creative than you'd like to at 7am, you will feel all the benefits when the lunch box comes back clean.

The Goldilocks Zone

Imagine finding a sandwich that is not too white and not too brown, not to big and not too that is just right.

With this cute little character, your little girl or boy will be more intersted in eating this delicious snack rather than the filling that is inside.

Hop to the Hall

With a lunchbox like this, your little one will be hopping to the hall for their lunch.

Delicious food is hard to resist, especially when it is disguised as little happy bunnies that just happen to be healthy.

Although this looks like a little too much effort for a regular lunchtime, with the right kitchen accessories, this is a lot easier than it looks. Just use cookie cutters to shape the foods!

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

Egg muffins are fast becoming one of the most popular lunchtime ideas for both adults and children alike. Deliciously tasty and healthy, they are the perfect way to enjoy a protein punch at lunch.

To check out the recipe for the Egg Muffin, see the Mellow Yellow Muffins Recipe in Peak-a-Boo snacks.

Choo Choo Tuna Salad

Fish has never been the most popular choice of foods for kids. Although incredibly nutritious and beneficial for a growing child, its scent can put even the strongest of stomachs off.

Mixed in with a fresh salad, tuna can become a delicious option to add to a lunch box. Just making use of shapes and modern lunchboxes means that a boring and healthy salad can soon look good enough to eat!

Peek-a-Boo Snacks

Any parent knows that being a Mum or Dad also means that you are a Security Guard, Personal Chef, Chauffeur and Secret Agent. For there are times when you have to disguise everything from presents to healthy foods in unhealthy-looking treats.

Mellow Yellow Muffins

Although these 'muffins' take after their chocolatey counter parts in name, they are incredibly nutritious and super tasty.

Made with eggs, peppers and ham, these delicious muffins are quick to make and are packed with protein, so your little one is ready for the afternoon ahead.

To make them look even better, check out our Do You Know the Muffin Man? idea above.

Colourful Crisps

Kids love colour and they love crisps, of the unhealthy type, of course. So why not combine their loves with a little bit of their hates and create colourful veggie crisps.

As a little snack inside their lunch box, these snazzy snacks will be the talk of the dinner table!

Say It Ain't So! Smoothies

Can you imagine the day that your mini food critic is munching on spinach, avocado, bananas and lime all at once? Well we might have to mix them all together and turn them into a super smoothie first...

With their bright and vibrant colours, these delicious smoothies look amazing and are amazing too. Packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals, they not only keep your child full but hydrated too!

For an extra bit of sparkle, get your kids involved with designing special smoothie jars that they can take to school.

I Carried a Watermelon?!

On the fussy eater scale, watermelon scores pretty low. It's refreshingly tasty and looks pretty good. However, for the fussiest of eaters, even a watermelon needs a little jazzing up.

Just add a lolly ice stick in and it suddenly becomes cool - and very Instagram-worthy!

Healthy Drinks

Fruit-Infused Water

Even we admit it, drinking water can seem a little tedious; especially on cold and wet winter days. For children, it is even more boring once they tasted the forbidden fruits of the fizzy drink.

To make water a little more fun, add some colourful and vibrant fruits to the mix!

Tap Tap Tap - You Can Drink Birch Sap

Allow your child to explore the wonders of nature and tap into the powers of the birch tree with birch water.

The water is actually sap from a birch tree, loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

Love Letters

It can be difficult to encourage your child to eat anything when you're not there, no matter how much encouragement you gave them in the morning. However, with a little bit of creativity and love, you can encourage them through little handwritten messages.

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