Gluten Free Pancake Recipe - American Style

Enjoying the taste of the sweeter things in life can be tough when you have a gluten intolerance. However, with this delicious gluten-free pancake recipe, you can enjoy taking a twist on the tradition this Pancake Tuesday.


110g of Quinoa Flour from Doves Farm

Two Tablespoons No Egg Egg Replacer from Orgran

100ml of Milk (or, if you prefer, a dairy-free alternative)

1 Teaspoon of Baking Power from Barkat

Olive Oil from ViveBio



Squeezy Honey from De Traay


1. Begin by taking two tablespoons of the No Egg Egg Replace powder and place into mixing bowl. Add the milk, quinoa flour and baking powder and mix well until it turns into a batter. Place in a refrigerator for an hour to two hours

2. Add a drop of olive oil to a frying pan and place over a low-to-medium heat

3. Once hot, take a small ladle and scoop out the mixture, placing into the frying pan and cooking on each side until golden. Then flipping to ensure the other side is cooked too.

4. Once cooked, carefully remove from the pan and add some toppings of your favourite fruit and honey


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