Celebrating the Launch of our First Retail Store


A new organic and natural food market is set to open in one of Liverpool’s most lavish buildings, transforming the way in which Liverpool residents shop for food.

The food market, named LIV, will launch in March and offer a twist on the traditional basket shopping experience in a unique, artisan-style store with earthy décor that reflects the natural environment in which many of its foods are sourced from.

Brought to the city centre by Healthy Foods Online, LIV will be based in the historic Radiant House on Bold Street. The architects behind LIV are unearthing the original architectural delights of the former headquarters of The Liverpool Gas Company and plan to incorporate them into the modern store. From plush green marble flooring to impressive pillars that dominate the shopping area, LIV will revive a part of Liverpool’s entrepreneurial history.

The offering at the store will be extensive with a strong focus on healthy, organic and natural products that cater for a range of dietary requirements, including the popular vegan and gluten free diets. Fresh fruit and vegetables will be delivered to the store daily and customers can enjoy an artisan bakery and cheese counter, offering delicious foods to delight the senses.

Bold street regulars and new explorers alike can enjoy LIV Eatery, a cool lounge area with a menu that offers some of the healthiest breakfast and lunch options in Liverpool. From organic Italian coffee to health waters and herbal teas, customers can refresh after their food shop.

At the heart of LIV is its strong and passionate ethos, which includes both ethical and philanthropic activities. LIV is passionately proud of its Liverpool roots and endeavours to build a strong connection to its local community, both through working with charitable causes and taking cautious steps to protect the environment.

With a focus on doing good, being good and living good, LIV will truly be a unique destination for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.


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