• Gluten Free Pancake Recipe - American Style

    Enjoying the taste of the sweeter things in life can be tough when you have a gluten intolerance. However, with this delicious gluten-free pancake recipe, you can enjoy taking a twist on the tradition this Pancake Tuesday.


    110g of Quinoa Flour from Doves Farm

  • Vegan Pancakes Recipe - Traditional Style

    It's nearly Pancake Tuesday and we are excited to share with you some recipes to celebrate a traditionally sweet celebration. To start our celebrations, we are sharing with you a plant-based recipe that is the perfect recipe for those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

    Main Ingredients

  • What to Expect when Going Vegan

    For the majority of converts, becoming vegan is not the easiest of tasks. Perhaps it's because unlike many other diets, veganism extends far beyond the relatively known compounds of the kitchen and becomes much more of a lifestyle than a diet.

    Like any change to routine, it is tough at first and not everyone is going to share your passion for your new lifestyle. Get ready for an extensive interview (we ...

  • The Magic of Morocco

    We've added some paint and pizzazz to the walls of the LIV Bulk area, spicing up the area with a much needed Moroccan twist.

    Although not all of our herbs and spices are native to the country, the famous spice stalls in the Moroccan markets, or 'souks', inspired us to add a touch of Moroccan magic to our store.

    Using reclaimed wallpaper, we added a new feature wall to LIV, with some cool ...

  • Skelletwigs

    Inspired by the charming character of Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's iconic The Nightmare Before Christmas, these delightfully scary Skelletwigs are the perfect party snack for your Halloween party this year.

    Why not surprise guests and Trick or Treaters with these easy-to-make cake pops? With twirly lollipop sticks, big brown eyes and a stitched-up mouth, these fun but frightening cake pops will be ...

  • Witches Broomsticks

    On Halloween night, there is always a spooky ghost or ghoul lurking around each corner.

    However, it is not just what lurks on the streets that you need to be wary of. The stark darkness of an autumnal night sky harbours an array of witches on broomsticks, each watching out for local Trick or Treaters. Although these cake pops that pay homage to the traditional witches look (and taste) a lot better than ...

  • The Yummy Mummies

    Get in the true Halloween spirit and become your own Frankenstein, creating some mouthwatering monsters that are set to be the talk of your Trick or Treat extravaganza.

    These Yummy Mummies cake pops have awoken for a tasty treat this Halloween night. With their candy bandages and dark chocolate eyes, it is hard to resist eating this scarily cute creature.

    Surprisingly easy to make, these tempting ...

  • Natural Remedies for Super Skin

    For some, a sudden breakout of spots or an episode of dry skin can mean that trips to the shops is a huge no-no!

    So, it is a good thing that you may not have to go far to seek some comfort, as your kitchen may be your secret weapon in the fight against bad skin days. For many years, people have become used to reaching for the branded bottles on store shelves for all their skincare needs and concerns. ...

  • Apple & Cinnamon Pancake Recipe

    There is nothing more startling than waking up on a chilly autumnal morning to a cold breakfast. The thought of cereal topped with chilled milk may be appetising in the summertime, but when it comes to autumn and winter, we all crave something a little warmer.

    Although requiring slightly more effort than a regular bowl of cereal, these Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes are the most delightful way to enjoy the ...

  • Recipe for Pumpkin Pie

    October is the beginning of the festive season, with the run up to Halloween kicking off three months of festive fun.

    The bitter sweetness of summer fruits make way for the aromatic and hearty dishes of autumn's best produce. A season of rich spices and vegetables that ignite the taste buds, warming up the soul from the cold air outside.

    One of the most popular vegetables that is associated with ...

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