Meal Kits & Packet Mixes

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Meal Kits and Packet Mixes

When your schedule is full and there seems little time to eat, the worst thing that you can do is skip a meal, especially when at work. Combat your hunger and enjoy these easy meal kits, perfect alternatives for the days that you can't make a homemade lunch.

Eat a taste of the orient with the Thai Taste meal kits or enjoy a Moroccan adventure with aromatic sauces, spices and couscous.

If you are following a gluten free diet, then it can seem hard to find quick meals that don't contain a whole lot of gluten. However, with Clearspring's delicious range of quick and instant food, you can enjoy the taste of healthy superfoods without worrying.

From scrumptious Organic Couscous that can be made just by pouring boiling water over it to the microwavable and delicious Organic Brown and Wild Rice with a dash of Tamari soya sauce that will tingle your taste buds, you can enjoy a relaxing but tasty lunch.

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