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It is only in recent years that the public have began to understand the health benefits of quinoa and when they did, it quickly gained its status as one of the superfoods of the world. The grain has been used for thousands of years, originating in Mexico, the grain has now been introduced across the world, allowing other cultures to make their unique recipe.

Cooked in a similar way to rice, quinoa offers a lighter and healthier alternative that is packed with nutritious values. There are many quinoa recipes that you can make from salads and soups to breakfast and dinners.

With an amazing range of gluten free options from the Pereg Gourmet Company, you can spice up quinoa salad recipes with a mix of delightful flavours including quinoa with lemon and herbs, spinach and mushrooms, tasty combinations that include the powerful nutrition of quinoa.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast with Big Oz's organic and gluten free quinoa flakes, a perfect way to start your day!

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