Cous Cous

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Couscous is a delicious healthy dish that is extremely popular in North Africa, with its statement dish being a delicious Moroccan couscous recipe, combining a variety of herbs and spices to create a wonderful melange of tastes.

Acting as an alternative to rice with its similar fluffy texture, couscous can be combined with cheese, vegetables and oils to make a delicious Mediterranean couscous, mixing the best of both African and Latin cultures together in one dish.

Low in fat, couscous has become extremely popular in recent years and the increase in popularity means there are a great amount of creative ideas for recipes. With its light texture, couscous is a versatile food, offering its taste to each meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

From a nimble but filling couscous salad to providing a base for an omega-3 rich salmon dish, couscous is a great way to add some nutrition to your diet.

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