Oils & Vinegars

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Oils have been a part of our diet for thousands of years and can be used on foods, in drinks and applied topically to skin.

Healthy Foods Online stocks a range of great oils for cooking and health. Try Meridian's Sesame oil, popular in Asian cuisine and with its nutty taste, this oil is often used in salads to add a earthy aroma. For a more subdued taste, try a splash of sunflower oil.

The most popular oil is coconut oil, known for its vast amount of benefits to health. Try the new range with Vive Bio's Coconut Oil.


Dress your food with a range of tasty vinegars, breaking away from the ordinary, Healthy Foods Online stock an exciting range.

From the fruity and aromatic flavours of raspberry and damson from Hawkshead Relish to the exotic coconut vinegar, perfect for summer salads.

If you are looking for the more traditional apple cider vinegar, try Sarchio's Aceto de Mele.

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