Herbs, Spices & Seasoning

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Herbs, Spice and Seasonings

Healthy Foods Online stocks a range of delicious herbs to enhance taste and flavour in dishes, including cinnamon, thyme and parsley.

To season your dish, choose from some fantastic brands, including Schwartz's Spices offering the popular Chinese Five Spice and Truly Jack giving you a taste of the exotic with Caribbean Jerk seasoning.

The Cornish Sea Salt Company offers a twist on the traditional salt with garlic and chilli flavouring. Add a gentle touch of spice with some ground black pepper.

Get some authentic tastes from the homeland of spice itself with Healthy Foods Online. Mexican spices are hot, fiery and delicious. There are a great range of exciting flavours to really give a kick to you food.

For some tasty tacos, use Discovery's Mexican Taco Seasoning Mix, already mixed so that you can enjoy optimum flavour. Sprinkle some fajita seasoning to make fajitas fizzle and add some crushed chillies to your curry for a real kick.

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