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Enjoy a great range of breakfast cereals at Healthy Foods Online! From the regular bowls of Weetabix to gluten free breakfast cereals that are perfect for those who suffer with coeliac disease or gluten intoleranece. 


Muesli is a delicious breakfast idea that combines the healthiest foods into one powerful bowl. With blends including fruit, nuts and seeds, muesli is the perfect breakfast option for those with a tight schedule.

For the masters of muesli, try Dorset Cereals. With a range of flavours from the organic original to the mouthwatering berries and cherries, you can enjoy a super breakfast.


Granola is a popular breakfast alternative to regular cereal and with a combination of oats and honey, can be extremely filling and delicious! For great granola, try Lizi's Granola. With different options including Passionfruit Pistachio and Low Sugar, everyone can enjoy the delectable granolas.

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