Syrups and Mixes

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Syrup and Mixes

Healthy foods Online stocks an appetising range of syrups and mixes to add a tasty twist to your favourite drink, whether it be a coffee or a cocktail, Monin syrup has every flavour that you could possibly wish for.

For cocktail syrups, you can enjoy the taste of summer with Monin's delicious range, such as its strawberry syrup or for more sophisticated cocktails, choose a coffee syrup and pour into your espresso martini for a rich and full flavouring.

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to spicing up your regular coffee, allowing you to get that coffee shop taste at home. For a rich, nutty flavour add hazelnut syrup, a favourite in high street coffee houses or sweeten up your latte with a blast of vanilla syrup.

Add a twist to tea with Monin's range of aromatic delights, including some rose syrup to delicately fragrance your tea.

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