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Non Alcoholic Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

With its ruby red colour and aromatic flavouring of rich fruits, this luscious cabernet sauvignon has undertones of cherries and plums. A perfect accompaniment to foods that are traditionally marinated in lush red sauces, such as beef dishes, spaghetti and ribs.

Rosé Wine

Rosé is the preferred tipple for girls nights in, with a great film and even better chocolate. This non alcoholic wine which is fragranced with fresh strawberries and a hint of cherry, should be paired as a refreshing drink with seafood dishes. For dessert, enjoy with creamy white chocolate to send your taste buds tingling.


Kopparberg's alcohol free cider has became increasingly popular even in pubs and restaurants. As the first alcohol-free pear cider, you can still enjoy a delicious taste but without the damaging side effects of alcohol.

Alcohol Free Beer

Brewed by the mighty Guinness in their Dublin home, you can still expect the greatest taste and quality from this alcohol free beer.

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