Summer Essentials

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Summer Essentials

Summer 2016 has officially arrived, so whether you are jetting off to even hotter destinations or are planning on holidaying in the UK, Healthy Foods Online has a range of summer essentials to ensure that you have the best summer yet.


Enjoy a range of refreshing flavoured teas, including delicious iced teas from The English Tea Shop. Flavours included iced Indian Summer, Berry Boost and Summer Haze.

From Arizona Tea, enjoy a further range of iced teas including Green Tea with Honey and the citrus flavours of Lemon iced tea.

Healthy Drinks

One of the healthiest drinks that you can enjoy is water. Experts recommend that you drink at least two litres a day and you can do so with Healthy Foods Online. Stocking everything from Evian water to the artisan water from Voss.

Essential Beauty

With more exposure to the sun, it is essential to protect your skin with sun creams. Try the organic sun care rage from Green People.

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