The Big Bad Q

The Big Bad Q

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Welcome to The Big Bad Q

This summer prepare to revel in the fiery flavours of the barbeque and enter the weird and wacky world of the Big Bad Q.

Choose your steps carefully though, it ain't no place for the weak; the fires blaze bright, the sauces burn hot and the jokes are ruthlessly unforgiving. If you're going to this barbeque, make sure that you are man enough to handle the heat. 

With six finger-licking, tongue twisting and boot-kicking recipes for each type of barbeque fellow, the taste will be immense and if you are not bowled over by the flavour, you will be by the heat. 

So take a trip into the Big Bad Q and meet its six residents who may just resemble a familiar face...

The Chicken Outlaw | The Red Hot Rodeo | Jalapeno Hot Shot | The Lemon Wimp | The Burger Bandito | The Shifty Sheriff


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