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Gourmet Fish

As an online food store, Healthy Foods Online has a good idea of the best products to eat and with Gourmet Fish, you can expect to delve into a world rich in taste and flavour.

For a taste of something fresh and delicious that contributes to a healthy diet, try Mackerel, with the Filetti di Sgombro All'Olio di Olivia from Callipo, perfectly drizzled in rich olive oil. 

When looking at sauce for fish dishes, there are many to choose from, many foodies choose to pair sardines with a rich tomato sauce, so why not take a look at the tomato sauce from Vive Bio and pair it with the delectable Sardines à L'Ancienne l'Huile D'olive Vierge Extra

Also available are ready-made meals, perfect for those who are on-the-go. For a Mediterranean taste, opt for Callipo's Verdue Grigliate e Tonno or if you prefer pasta, try the Tropeana con Tonno e Cipolla Rossa di Tropea.

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