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Gourmet Pasta

Pasta forms an essential part to many dishes in the Italian cuisine. From the delectable Spaghetti Bolognese to the rich Lasagne dishes, pasta is loved by many foodies.

Healthy Foods Online stocks a great range of pasta, including Spaghetti from Napolina to Penne pasta which can be made into a delicious Penne Arrabiata dish. Both use the finest durum wheat semolina to bring an high-quality exquisite taste.

For those who have a gluten intolerance, many Italian recipes seem to be off the menu because of their use of the amount of gluten-filled foods. As a healthy food store, Healthy Foods Online caters for those who follow a free-from diet and has an amazing range of delicious pasta that is gluten free.

If you are gluten intolerant, try the free-from Rizopia which has the super healthy brown rice pasta elbows to create a range of recipes including macaroni and salads.                 

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