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Gourmet Biscuits

With a range of gourmet biscuits, you can enjoy a taste of a snack that is traditionally enjoyed with a cup of warm tea.

You can enjoy the creamy taste of shortbread biscuits from Duncan's of Deeside, offering the original as well as a twist with the fragrant orange-infused biscuits.

From Border Biscuits comes a range of household favourites including Buttery Viennese, Old Fashioned Ginger Crunch and Crunchy Oat Crummmbles. For those who are gluten intolerant, try the exquisite taste of Amaretti Virginia's gluten free Traditional Crunchy Amaretti, perfect to enjoy with a smooth coffee.

The range of biscuit tins make great presents for those who love to enjoy biscuits as snack.

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