Jams & Sweet Spreads

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Jam & Sweet Spreads

Experience the mouth-watering flavours of gourmet jam and sweet spreads, making delightful accompaniments to midday snacks and midnight treats.

To create the perfect summer scone, take the delicious strawberry jam from Stokes, made from the Senga Senga strawberry. A rich and soft jam that is as full in flavour as it is in colour. If you prefer something the rich, autumnal tastes, try Thursday Cottage's Victoria Plum Jam.

The refreshing citrus zest of Thursday Cottage's Vintage Orange Marmalade also tastes great when combined with natural yogurt or oatmeal to make a pleasant breakfast.

If you are looking for a sweet gourmet snack, drizzle some of Butler's Grove Lemon Curd over your pancakes and top with fresh lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar for an extra special treat, or perhaps you could spread some of Atkin's and Potts Luxury Dark Chocolate Spread across the pancakes for a chocolate feast.

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