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Wheat Free

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, which means that many people who have a gluten intolerance have a wheat intolerance also.

Many products that contain wheat are a staple to our diet and provide many nutrients to our bodies through the vitamins and minerals that they contain. However, for those with an intolerance, it can be hard to digest the gluten and can suffer with issues such as coeliac disease.

Following a wheat free diet can be difficult, which is why Healthy Foods Online has dedicated a great section to all the amazing alternatives that you can enjoy.

For snacks, try the super delicious Cookie Shots from The Foods of Athenry, bite-size wheat free brownie biscuits or Against the Grain cookies with flavours of chocolate and orange.

If you are looking for staples such as wheat free bread, try baking your own with Hale and Hearty's Light Bread Mix with Golden Linseed.

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