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Sugar Free

If you love all things sweet but want to cut down on the sugar, then Healthy Foods Online has a variety of alternatives that don't compromise on taste.

With many sugar free sweets, you can enjoy toffees to hard-boiled sweets and for a blast of freshness, try the sugar free gum and mints from Spry, with flavours of traditional peppermint to a healthy blast of green tea and warming cinnamon-flavoured gum. If you are looking for sugar free chocolate, opt for Sweet Switch's 70% Dark Chocolate in which you can enjoy less sugar but still with the health benefits that dark chocolate has to offer.

Enjoy the delicious taste of Monin syrups, with their sugar free vanilla syrup, which adds a sweet kick to your coffee without the unwanted sugar hit. If you are looking for something more savoury than sweet, try their sugar free noisette syrup, with the aromatic flavouring of hazelnut.

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