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Nut Free

If you have a food intolerance to nuts, then many snacks and desserts may seem out of the question to eat. The reaction to consuming products which contain nuts can be severe for those who have an allergy and can often be so severe that those that they live with also have to stay away from foods that contain them.

As an online food store, Healthy Foods Online stocks many nut free products that are just as tasty so that all the family can enjoy them without worrying about a reaction.

Enjoy the taste of delicious nut free chocolate, with variations including chocolate chips, chocolate cookies and flavoured chocolate bars.

Perhaps you may want to try Plamil's chocolate bars, coming in a range of delicious flavours such as Chocolate with Cranberries and Chocolate Coffee.

You can also enjoy the taste of a smooth nut free chocolate spread, perfect for slathering on croissants and sweet desserts.

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