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Lactose Free Diet

Lactose intolerance comes from the inability to digest lactose, which is common type of sugar which is found in many dairy products. For sufferers, the symptoms can include painful and uncomfortable feelings after eating foods that contain lactose.

At Healthy Foods Online, it can be easy to follow a lactose diet with a great range of foods and drinks, including lactose free milk substitutes. One of the most popular brands that are stocked is Alpro, which has a great range of substitutes that are lactose free and rich in nutrients including flavours of soya, coconut and almond.

If your baby is lactose intolerant, then why not introduce them to Ella's Kitchen, some of their products are lactose free yet still delicious including their Carrots, Peas and Pears and their Apple puree. For older children, try the delicious lunchbox-friendly drinks from Koko Dairy Free, in delicious flavours of strawberry and chocolate.

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