Gluten Free

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What is Gluten?

Gluten is a combination of two forms of proteins that are found in cereal grains, gliadin and glutenin which are mostly found in wheat and some other grains.

Many people are intolerant to gluten which means that it can have a bad affect when they are trying to digest it. However, some people can suffer from the autoimmune condition, coeliac disease which has similar syptoms to gluten intolerance. With coeliac disease, it is essential to lead a gluten free diet. 

Gluten Free Foods

For those that follow a gluten free diet, choosing foods that are safe to eat and delicious can be tricky. However, as a food and health shop online, Healthy Foods Online stocks a vast range of gluten free foods from brands which have a superior knowledge of catering for food intolerances, such as Barkat's vast range of gluten free products.

So if you are a free-fromer, you can do all your online food shopping here with a healthy food delivery sent straight to your door.

With many gluten free recipes on the internet, you can enjoy being experimental with your food, so enjoy gluten free bread, chocolate, breakfast cereals and many more products.

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