Dairy Free

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Dairy Free

Many people can suffer with an intolerance to dairy which can be difficult, especially when some of our favourite foods are renowned for being made with it, including chocolate and milk.

As an online organic store, Healthy Foods Online has a great range of dairy free foods, including dairy free milk from Alpro, a brand which stocks great alternatives including their original soya milk as well as almond, hazelnut and coconut milks, which provide a nutritious alternative to the traditional dairy milk. Also available is Alpro Soya for Professionals, perfect for the budding barista. 

With a delicious range of dairy free desserts, you can enjoy a taste of Alpro's Silky Smooth Chocolate pots or Provamel's delicious Caramel Soya Dessert, both made with soya. Perhaps you prefer a more savoury dessert with dairy free biscuits?

Try the range from Angelic with delicious chocolate chip biscuits and delicious ginger cookies.

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