Free From Foods

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Free From Foods


Healthy Foods Online stocks a wide range of free from foods. With over 1,200 gluten free food items we cater to ensure that coeliacs or those following a gluten intolerance diet can have a varied and nutritious diet. Choose from a wide range of staples such as pasta and bread to sweeter items such as gluten free biscuits and cakes.


Dairy Free Foods


If you're looking for dairy free food, you will find over 500 items that cater specifically for dairy free diets. With a variety of chocolates, milk substitutes and scrumptious desserts, Healthy Foods Online can supply you with all your dairy free dietary requirements. On every product page you will find a comprehensive run down of nutritional information and ingredients, giving you the peace of mind that the foods you are eating are suitable for your body.


Organic Foods Online


Organic food has recently been found to contain more antioxidants and nutrients than its non-organic counterparts. That's why at Healthy Foods Online we stock over 1,000 organic food and household products and why the Soil Association has certified our distribution centre as an organic premises.


What this means is that you can be safe in the knowledge that the food you are eating is truly organic. Buying organic food online has never been easier, better certified and enjoyable as when shopping with Healthy Foods Online.

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