• 4 Simple Recipes for Valentine's Day Treats

    With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we want to inspire you with some exciting recipes for you and your loved one to enjoy. From delicious desserts to tasty breakfasts, you can explore a range of quirky and cool Valentine's recipes.


    The Healthy Heart Smoothie

    The chocolates, cakes and cookies of Valentine's Day may not be to everybody's taste. So for those who are super ...

  • What is a Plant-Based Diet?

    Add the term "diet" after a word and suddenly it becomes the next big thing, something which seemingly develops a cult-like following overnight. The term 'diet' was once associated with losing weight, with many men and women across the globe following celebrity-endorsed diets in order to achieve the perfect body. However, quite refreshingly, in recent years, diets have become associated with a healthier ...

  • LIV in the Press

    With our first retail store set to launch in March, many people are getting excited over the prospect of an organic & natural food market to shop in Liverpool. With its many products, from fresh to frozen and favourites to unique gems, LIV will offer a truly unique experience to shoppers in the city centre, who can also enjoy a bakery, cheese area and cool Eatery with one of the healthiest menus in ...

  • Chia Seed Puddings

    Who said puddings can't be healthy?! Try this delicious and refreshing take on the traditional pudding with Chia Seeds Pudding recipe.

    Topped with fresh mango and chia seeds, these tasty desserts are a healthy alternative to the usually sweet puddings. So healthy that you can enjoy this delicious treat for breakfast!

    Chia Seeds Puddings with Mango

    Celebrating the Launch of our First Retail Store


    A new organic and natural food market is set to open in one of Liverpool’s most lavish buildings, transforming the way in which Liverpool residents shop for food.

    The food market, named LIV, will launch in March and offer a twist on the traditional basket shopping ...

  • Healthy January - Fruit Infused Waters

    Looking for simple ways to transform your diet this January? We believe that the best way to get healthy is by making small, gradual changes to your diet.

    There is no better way to start getting healthy than introducing fruit into your diet through these deliciously refreshing fruit infused waters. They are super simple to make and turn your average glass of water into a fruity, Instagram-perfect ...

  • Turmeric Latte Recipe

    January may be the time of the super healthy diets and detoxes, however, you can treat yourself once in a while!

    We have created this delicious Turmeric Latte, inspired by the aromatic, earthy winter tastes combined with some exotic spices to warm you up on these cold, dark mornings.

    Enjoy our recipe! Links to each product are below!

  • Healthy January Breakfast Options

    Enjoy some healthy breakfast inspiration this January with Healthy Foods Online.

    Although January isn't the easiest of months to start eating healthily after the festive Christmas indulgence, you can enjoy a vast range of healthy options with us and some delicious recipes to motivate you even on the coldest of mornings.

    Try introducing some of these healthy breakfast options into your diet. We ...

  • Vegan Christmas Recipes

    Christmas is a time of year that is often filled with rich foods, delicious treats and

    However, with traditional Christmas recipes containing the things that vegans wouldn't eat, there is little wonder as to why family members may be uneasy of the thought of cooking Christmas dinner for vegan friends and family.

    In this blog, we are going to create some delicious recipes for you to treat your ...

  • Christmas Desserts for Children

    Keep the kids entertained this Christmas with these deliciously fun recipes of delectable desserts.

    Strawberry Santas

    This fun dessert is not only delicious but also healthy with a combination of fruit and super chia seeds.

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